The Rambler Travel Series is a printed coffee table magazine dedicated to showcasing a different Australian region each edition.

We want to showcase the real Australia, through the eyes of locals and intrepid creatives. Delving deep into the heart of each location, we're passionate about sharing unique experiences and authentic local stories found far beyond the well-trodden track. Too beautiful to throw away, our Rambler editions are collectible compendiums destined for the coffee table, bursting with inspirational photography and enthralling written pieces.


Submissions are now CLOSED for Edition 02 - Tasmania's East Coast. The next edition will be announced soon.

This edition is focused on the communities and landscapes that occupy the Eastern coastline of Australia's largest island, from the sweeping bays of the north to the chilly seas of the south. Please have a look at our first edition, Tropical North, to understand the Rambler aesthetic. Both photographic and written submissions are welcome, of either first person or third person perspectives. 

All photographic submissions should be of a high quality, and can be submitted as individual photos, series or photo essays. If you do not have a written piece to accompany your images, we encourage you to suggest a few potential ideas for stories or subjects that would align with your photographs. For writers new to Rambler, we ask that you submit your story in full. Once we have established a relationship, we are open to receiving submissions as pitches.

  • Inspirational locals - stories that celebrate the lives and passions of local people and their communities. 
  • Authentic experiences - pieces that share a unique local attraction or experience found within the featured region.
  • Local eats - snapshots of the region's best and bravest culinary offerings, from signature dishes to local delicacies.
  • Epic adventures - tales of exploration and adrenaline deep in the heart of the region, these stories should be accompanied by imagery from the trip.
  • For the planet - we love sharing stories of locals, small businesses and sustainable operators doing their bit to protect Australia's wild places.
  • All supplied images should be at least 300dpi and at their highest resolution, suitable for printing. We accept JPEG and TIFF files.
  • Each image file should be clearly named, including subject, location and the name of the copyright holder/ photographer.
  • Photo essays can be submitted as a PDF, with full resolution image files included. We generally ask for 5-20 image options. 

If you would like to contribute to our next edition we would love to hear from you! Please email us at