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Based in sydney, Australia
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Ramble {ræm-bəl} : To idly wander, for the sake of wandering.

Born out of a love for the Land Down Under, The Rambler Co is a community of intrepid explorers and seaside sojourners, of culture vultures and outback road-trippers. We are a community of travel lovers searching for the next adventure, fuelled by a desire for local discovery.

From the golden sands of the tropics, to the rugged ranges of the south, we pride ourselves on showcasing the far reaches of the continent. Deeply engrained into our community is a support for Australian travel creatives, the modern-day explorers of Terra Australis. Our stories are bound by the talents of home-grown writers, photographers and film makers, seeking to uncover the true beauty of Australia’s showcase destinations.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any mention of flight sales or hotel discounts, of package deals or bargain buys. This is a place to explore, to discover and to dream, for travel inspiration without the boring bits. This is The Rambler Co.

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About the founder: James Vodicka

Fuelled by a passion to share inspirational content of Australia’s most outstanding destinations, James established himself as one of the country’s top travel photographers, before founding The Rambler Co in 2020. He has been commissioned for shoots with national & state tourism boards, and globally recognised brands including Tourism Australia, Nikon, Facebook, Queensland Tourism, GoPro, Tourism WA and Tourism New Zealand, among others.